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OPENTECH aims to grow into a leading corporation by providing the best quality and service that the customer needs using a system . Thanks to Digital STB experts of our R&D sector, our system is cutting-edge and fully up to date with the rapid market changes of this age.
OPENTECH also takes on the role of being a socially responsible corporation by providing high quality living standards for all its employees. We aim to meet with the requirements of our valued stock-holders and strengthen our partnership with business counterparts.
Open Mindedness
It has become the essence of the company, which values liberal and creative concepts based on the humanistic and familiar harmonization.
It facilitates the competency of OPENTECH.

The thoughts and opinions from each members of the company can be issued freely and the various knowledge acquired from work becomes the precious energy which dynamically moves OPENTECH.

Creative thinking
The discussing culture which does not limit itself to certain topics and the creative and shared thinking reached through this culture affects the overall work efficiency in a positive way. Adaptation essential for survival and growth of a company , is one of the core values of OPENTECH.
The symbol mark of Opentech CI System is showing a harmony of human, technology and finance. With a mark symbolizing alphabet 'O', the company emphasizes its Open Mind. Connected to the 'O', there comes out 'P' which means Positive and Practical Spirit of a New Leader in the Digital Age. The main color, 'red' shows the strong eagerness, dreams and creativity the company has.