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Manufacturing headquarters of OPENTECH consists of the best manufacturing facilities and the best manufacturing experts and provides affordable and advanced quality of products. Our products are made by a manufacturing assembly control based on the latest manufacturing technology and quality control system of PPM unit. In addition we continue to update the manufacturing system to meet with customer satisfaction.
This is both our business philosophy and ultimate goal in our manufacturing process. We always aim to provide our customers with unique and top quality products.
The manufacturing facility of OPENTECH located in the national industry complex in Ansan city, Kyunggi-do, possesses a total manufacturing line, from PCB assembly line (including SMT) to set assembly line. We also possess the manufacturing know-how which results in best quality products. The efficient harmony between outsourcing product system and self manufacturing line also plays a big role in our superior quality.
Customer satisfaction is the starting line of our quality policy and all the activities related to our quality management (product development, development inspection, manufacturing, test, service, etc) conducted by our personnel are done with the utmost care. By establishment of ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 standards based manufacturing quality control system and total quality management system, we are providing the best quality products and services to our customers.