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It is OPENTECH's goal to supply to our customers a process unit which will enables them to enjoy various and favorable multimedia contents easily. OPENTECH aims to satisfy customers with the latest digital life style by providing unique qualities and products based on the development of digital convergence and network related technology, which is the root of OPENTECH's digital set-top box technology.Beginning with digital satellite broadcasting set-top box development,

OPENTECH is expanding its business territory from Europe, Asia, the Middle East to North America and Africa. We are realizing the value-adding product portfolio by developing and selling the model, which contains CAS and middle-ware, and various PVR.

OPENTECH is now providing various products such as HD, PVR, MHP to world wide customers and other complex products based on our satellite, cable, and ground wave CAS set-top box. Also, we prospered in northern Europe, which has the highest standard regarding set top boxes ,and we feel that it speaks for our competitive power in that region. Reflecting the future changes in set-top boxes, OPENTECH will lead in technological innovation of digital multimedia through HD broadcasting technology establishment and commercialization.